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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do we cost?

Every event we do is beautifully unique with different needs. Inquire through our Book Us page to get your custom quote started!

Which forms of payment do we accept?

Cash, check, venmo, or debit/credit card.

How far will we travel?

We will charge $3.50/mi to travel outside of Crested Butte. We travel within the state of Colorado.

Do we sell alcohol?

Under Colorado Law we are prohibited from the sale of alcohol. Event hosts will be in charge of purchasing their alcohol. We will send a detailed shopping list to suit your individual needs. 

What do Horsefeather bartenders wear?

We will wear all black.

Are we insured?

Yes. We have liquor liability insurance. Documents can be provided. Bartenders are tips certified.

What is our payment and refund policy?

We require a 50% holding fee at the signing of your service agreement. If cancellation happens within 30 days after signing you can receive a full refund. After 30 days, your 50% holding fee is non-refundable. Should we be able to fill your date, we will refund half of your holding fee. 

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