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..where passing moments become lasting memories.
We try to source local and seasonal herbs for our clients whenever possible to achieve quality and flavor.

We try to source local and seasonal herbs for our clients whenever possible to achieve quality and flavor.

We believe in delivering happiness through the carefully crafted experience of a tasty beverage, easy conversation, and a great smile. Bartending is so much more than a great cocktail, it’s about delivering an atmosphere, a mood, and an enjoyable moment through the artistry of service.  

The Horsefeather is the complete bar experience brought right to you, whether you are getting married at the Mountain Wedding Garden or having a college graduation party in your backyard. You will find the Horsefeather Bar at the sweet spot, where passing moments become lasting memories. 

We care deeply about supporting our community. Using seasonal herbs and fruits from local farmers whenever available when crafting our cocktails is important to us. We also work hard to eliminate extra waste so you won’t find plastic straws at our events but you will have everything else you need to enjoy your drink in an eco-friendly fashion. 


Services offered include:

  •  The Horsefeather mobile bar trailer

  • Full liquor liability insurance & TIPS certified professional bartenders

  •  Consultation and unlimited pre-event correspondence

  •  Menu planning and detailed shopping list

  •  Coolers/Bar equipment

  • Wine and Beer or Full bar service

  •  Non-Alcoholic Beverage options/packages

  •  Optional Biodegradable cups or glassware, napkins & stirrers

  • Event Set up/Tear Down and Maintenance of Bar Area

  •  Vendor collaborations

Each event is unique. All pricing is based on number of guests and hours of service.


We park

You fill

we serve!


Under Colorado law we are unable to purchase alcohol. The host will always provide. 


Bartending packages


Shaggy Shetland

Beer/wine only

$100 per hour (4 hour minimum) 

Consult through email for ordering appropriately.

The Horsefeather trailer and bar staff serving only beer and wine.

No specialty cocktails

 minimal setup and cleanup provided. 


Chubby Chestnut

Beer/wine and 2 signature cocktails

$125 per hour (4 hour minimum)

 1 hour consult (facetime or in person)

two signature drinks, beer and wine

 Includes all prep and planning for garnishes and mixers. 


Thirsty Thoroughbred

Full bar service

$175 per hour (4 hour minimum)

1 hour consult (facetime or in person)

serving traditional full bar

 up 2 signature cocktails, beer and wine

Includes all prep, planning, fresh juices, and garnishes.


Simply choose a package as your starting point to your completely custom experience. You can opt to add additional services or keep it simple.


Gift Set
+ 6

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  • 2 quinoa + coffee bars
  • 2 quinoa + sea salt bars
  • 2 quinoa + currant bars

Gift Set
+ 9

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  • 3 quinoa + coffee bars
  • 3 quinoa + sea salt bars
  • 3 quinoa + currant bars




How do I get in touch about wholesale?


Please send all wholesale inquiries to



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